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Yosemite OSX 10.10 Niresh in HP Elitebook 8560p (99% ok)

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I have

HP Elitebook 8560p


I have now OSX 10.10 thanks Niresh again !!!


The process


Download DMG Image (Torrent)

In Linux convert DMG to ISO

dd if=xxxx.ISO   of=/dev/sdX    (your pendrive 8 gb)



Boot using pendrive, NO TYPE options, NO TYPE /hp, JUST install it


Finished OK, without the 2 mins error (occures when use /hp)


Then reboot. I have to use PENDRIVE, until I found how boot from INTERNAL Disk.


Boot using pendrive, then install CHIMERA en Internal disk.

update OSX to 10.10.1 without any issues

Change options and say "allow install APP unknown"







Video OK

Keyboard OK

USB 3.0 left OK

Sound OK

Ethernet OK

mouse in usb 3.0 OK





keyboard strange (not spanish)

     partially solved changing control <-> command

wifi don´t work

    install Wifi AppleIntel1000e from MultiBeast,    don't work

usb 2.0 phisically don't wory, (in elitebook in the right).

    but. the USB 3.0 in the left work perfectly.

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* What I could do to BOOT from Internal Disk ???

I solved it myself. boot from Pendrive AGAIN, select the DISK (installed OSX) and install CHIMERA in the internal disk.




* In the first BOOT I have to wait until the niresh distro install all the patches in the OSX.

This process needs 10 mins without touch the O.S.

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