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Second boot USBSMC freeze | IntelHD 1st gen issues

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You can't IMAGINE how pleased I was when I first found out that a Yosemite distro had been released by my favorite Hackintosh developers :)

    Unfortunately, I have a few issues...


First of all, Installation and first-boot are smooth as glass. I get through setup, create my user account, ect... But no matter WHAT I DO (safe-mode works) I can't boot a second time, I always get stuck on "USBSMC Identifier: (non unique)" [-f works, but that's no way to live :(]


Since I found a way to boot regular (Removing all USB related kexts) I decided to install the 1st gen IntelHD QECI kexts for my graphics card. I tried every single framebuffer in that folder, but they all leave my screen looking like it had a stroke.


Also, I would like to know who's decision it was to remove the "Log in with google" option. You have managed to upset the only guy here who uses just Google+ (It took me two weeks to figure out how to recover my password :angry: )



Dell inspiron 1121

Intel Core i3 330UM (Arrendale)

Intel® HD Graphics (0x0046)



P.S. I realize that 4 GB is the minimum RAM, but Yosemite CAN AND DOES work with only 3 GB.

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Thank you nobody for help. (jk XD)


I fixed this issue by switching to Niresh's Mavericks. After decompiling a few USB kexts, I realized that there was a shmorgishborg of incompatibilities with the USB hardware my laptop has. After I switched to Mavericks, I made sure not to update, because all the Mavericks updates carry the incompatible USB kexts. After I fixed the USB problem, my IntelHD problem went away after I Downloaded the QE/CI drivers for Mavericks 10.9.


I still would like to know If we could have the "Log in with Google" option restored to the login screen... please?

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