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[ PCI Configuration end, bridges 4, devices 15 ] error after install

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Hi everyone!

I'm currently running:

Acer Aspire 5755-6699

Intel i3-2330m

Intel 6 Chipset

Intel HD3000 Graphics (Integrated)

8gb RAM

Atheros AR9285


I've had multiple successes with the Mavericks distro, however the Yosemite one is giving me some issues.

Booting the installer was no problem, and all I had to do was press 6 to boot clover (Bundled Chameleon didnt work) and add the flag -no-zp.

The install works perfectly, however after the reboot, Chameleon still doesnt work.

I have to press 6 to boot clover, yet that causes a hang about halfway through the apple logo boot screen.

Using -v, I was able to find the error:


AppleKEyStore Starting


PCI Configuration Begin

console relocated to 0xf80000000

[ PCI Configuration end, bridges 4, devices 15 ]


After that it just hangs there.  I've literally tried all boot flags and all combos, and re-downloaded/installed many times.


Can anyone help? Has anyone had a similar issue?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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