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Graphics not working (HELP PLEASE)

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Please Help me :)

i am very new to this hackintosh thing.. i probably did not know what a hackintosh was before this so i basically know almost to nothing, so please if you could give me steps on what i have to do. So Basically what i did was install niresh 10.9 and it installed perfectly, then i had a problem booting up but i fixed that (missing bluetoothcontorller) but now onto the problem. I booted into the os and made a account but the graphics are very choppy and laggy. When i click on launchpad it takes about 15 seconds to come then its very laggy unless i close it, eveyrthing is choppy. I Also tried to launch a game such as minecraft it gve me some pixel format error. So can you guys please help me?

The os is fast and responsive everything works fine (sound, internet, ETC) except graphics.

Grpahics Card name is AMD Radeon HD 7340 Graphics

Please look at these images and see if it helps.

Picture of Graphics from windows if it helps.


Heres one from Hackintosh


And this one if it helps



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Kostas Demertsinidis


searching criteria: device ID :9808     find the kext for ur device , download it and instal it with kext  utility then repair permissions and restart.


but i couldn't find anything for ur device. so the solution is to find kext for another Radeon card  with same GPU architecture. "WRESTLER" is for u

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