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No sound output device with H87N-WIFI (alc892) UEFI clover

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I installed the latest Yosemite HZ which includes voodoo sound, but there was just some white noise from the speakers. Then I deleted voodoo and installed the Apple kext for alc892 from Multibeast. Still no output device. Under sys info, extensions it shows HDAEnabler1 as not loaded. Is there a way to fix this?

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I found a way to fix the problem in this post. In short :


1- Delete all VodooHDA and AppleHDA/enabler/disabler kext in /S/L/E

2- Repair permissions (Kext wizard)

3- Reboot

4- Install VodooHDA 2.7.3 (Multibeast)

5- Reboot

6- Test the sound (you will hear a white noise)

7- Install the kext provide in the post with Kext wizard

8- Repair permissions

9- Reboot

10- Done


(Kext wizard was preinstall on my Yosemite Zone version)


Thanks to marquise for the solution




EDIT: Now I have a problem with the sound command on my keyboard that is a bit laggy...

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