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"Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport" with GraphicsEnabler=Yes

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Hello Wonderful People,

  • I have successfully finished the Installation of Yosemite (using the bootflags /amdfx -v ncpi=0x2000), but when I was on my first boot to the OS, I got the error in -v mode: "Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport"
  • I followed the guide and re-installed Yosemite with "all the Backup Graphics Extensions Packages Selected" -  Same Error When I was about to boot.
  • So I re-installed again with "all the Backup Graphics Extensions Packages Selected", but NOW, with GraphicsEnabler=NO.

I have managed to boot correctly and finish the installation and also installed my network kexts !


Now, with GraphicsEnabler=NO, I dont have the Graphic Power of my R9 270x, the QE/CI is not working.


I tried to reboot using the GraphicsEnabler=YES, (because on Mavericks when I boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes the Gaphics are good - The QE/CI starts working) but i still get the same error: "Missing Bluetooth Controler Transport"



Can you guys help me pass this problem and use Yosemite with good Graphics ?



My system:

- AMD FX 6300;

- MSI R9 270x 4GB

- Asrock 990FX Extreme 3

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Gean Ginanjar

Try to copy all the ATi Kext back to the Extensions folder

Then repair all (Permissions and build cache) by using kext wizard


then, of course ... reboot

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