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Amd Install Failed

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After instalation (10.8.2) I take message:

Install Failed, OSX could not be install on your computer..... Try selecting your disk using Start Disk utility. Click Restart to .... installing again.


Please help where is a problem.

I check in Disk Utylity - partition is bootable.


My PC:

AMD Athlon X2 260 3,2GHz

Asus M4A88T-M (chipset AMD 880G, bridge AMD SB700 )

4Gb DDR3 (no dualchannel )



HDD and DVD on SATA (AHCI mode).


OSX was install on MBR (Windows will by next)



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I try 10.9. Create USB and...

without flags - restart pc

with flags:

amd -v

amd64 -v

amdfx -v

Next I add flags: UseKernelCache=No -x

... every time the same:

SMC: successfully initialized

and stop.

Any idea?




GraphicsEnabler=No -x   not work :(

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i am using the same motherboard and encountered a similar error.


could you please post your bios-settings and bootflags with which you managed to get it to work?


if i am correct, the 'bless could not install..' error is no big deal it just means that the disk is not set as bootable, which is no problem since we are using clover or chameleon.


still i am stuck at first boot.



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Bios Version 2403 ( latest )

BIOS settings :

SATA configuration : AHCI

Primary Video Controler: GFX0

Express gate: Disable


Partitions on HDD was created under Windows (without format )


Install flag   amd -v

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