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boot failing before disk selection

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i am trying to install the Yosemite zone to my computer, and i have a curious problem that forces me to post here...


I can install the Niresh Maverick on a thumb drive without any problem, without any flags and it goes like a charm, but when i try to install the Yosemite Zone, here comes the problems...

i bot with the thumb drive, created from the DMG file here in the download section (the right one, with the right MD5), it begins to load, black screen, i get the "turning cursor" at the upper left of the screen, (just before the boot drive selection), and it stops forever here...

thinking it might be the Thumb creation method with windows that made a corrupted thumbdrive, i have made another one with the "restore yosemite.pkg", and it's exactly the same...

at this point, i can't even try to launch with a boot flag, as the command line arrives just after le turning cursor...


just in case, i have also tryied to install with the "unibeast" solution, but i get the "no keyboard and no mouse bug", but it launches perfectly...until the langage selection where i can't select anything...


any ideas ?

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I get exactly the same thing.
My Specs:

Toshiba Satellite L750 - PSK2YA-04P028

Intel Core i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz Duel Core

8GB Ram

NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M (1GB)

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