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Adrian Davies

Help needed Installing Yosemite...........

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I have the following system setup:-


HP Pavilion x2 11 Notebook PC


Intel Pentium CPU N3510

HP Atom (VallyView) chipset

4GB DDR3 Ram

Intel HD Graphics (Chipset Model: GT1T)

Wireless Adaptor: Intel Wireless-N 7260

IDT High Definition Audio


I'm trying to install yosemite zone [Naresh] and have booted from USB and havent changed any of the default setting but when I hit install in (verbose mode) I get the following:-






It then just gets stick and does nothing.......


Can anyone please help??


Thanks in advance

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In cases of brands such as HP, Compaq, Acer and other companies, I investigated a deeper way electronics, unfortunately these manufacturers sell laptops with cheap electronics manufacturing of short duration, reviewing this, I found that many models now NO traded day using electronic components of good quality or duration of these, making incompatible many of these for the installation of OS X, a clear example is the USB chipset, Apple uses Texas Instruments firms or VIA or NEC or ASIX but pc's not used other brands, cheaper that by the way, as O2 which makes it incompatible installation and including bios of these are designed to only install the Win 8, and not even updating the bios mode Legacy allows installing OS X properly. To conclude I recommend clarifying the open laptops and visually verify electronica, make a comparison between the electronics and a MacBook laptop PC, and you will realize what I comment here.

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