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Gean Ginanjar

Dual Screen (VGA & HDMI) and Sound Problem

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Gean Ginanjar


I have some trouble regarding Graphics (Screen) and Audio


before the success installation, i had problem with missing bluetooth controller, then i fixed it by reinstall it and select the option to back up all the graphics kext and set GraphicsEnabler=No


after succession, At first, the problem was a laggy screen because i backed up all the graphics kext.

then i reinstall the kext i need (NVIDIA one, i use GT 640) then i tried to boot with the flag GraphicsEnabler=Yes, but came back to missing bluetooth problem.

then, i boot without the flag and i got smooth screen.


the problem is that before i reinstall those kext, my active screen was the one that connected with VGA slot.

but after the reinstall, the one that connect to the HDMI slot is the one that active.


i can't get both screen to work at same time (Dual Screening).

please can someone explain why i can't get my yosemite to dual screening?




Voodoo Sound can't be configured and all that came out from my speaker is just noise-like sound and can't play any sound.

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Gean Ginanjar

Seriously, people ...

i install yosemite on another PC with different spec 

the last one i used was 


-i3 3220

-Asrock h77 pro4/mV

-asus GT 640


and this one i used right now is


-i3 3330

-Gigabyte GA-p61a-D3

-GT 430 (Forgot about the manufacturer ...)


but the problem is still the same ...


while this one i get with a clean default install ...


please help ...


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I have the same problem, but didn't install nVidia kext ... I have Intel HD 4000 and nVidia GT 640. I have Yosemite 10.10.1 on my DELL Inspiron laptop. When I tried to connect my monitor to laptop via DVI - Yosemite didn't recognize that monitor. Then I bought DVI to HDMI converter. With it my Yosemite recognized second monitor, but as soon as Yosemite boots up, second monitor goes on stand-by :( Any help? It is recognized in Display settings, and in About this Mac, but just goes on stand-by after boot-up :(

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Gean Ginanjar

Oh hey, sorry for not looking back here for so long


I've just resolved my problem today with clean re-install with my HDMI not plugged in when install and first boot
then, when after the distro have rebuild cache and everything, restart, i plugged the HDMI again after second login

it recognize the second monitor and with mirroring display.

i've read many article and came to conclusion that you have to let the HDMI as the external, and doing it while logged in, not when first boot after install.
and another thing is, DVI is really problematic with yosemite when coupled with VGA, so you have to config the monitor to be HDMI-VGA or HDMI-DVI

but some people can have more than 3 monitor up, o_0 ....
dunno man ... but my problem is done, good luck


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