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Freeze on logo after install

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I install Yosemite in my Dell N5010 Core I3.

Ram :  6GB




But after smooth installtion its stucks after boot. I boot with pendrive.otherwise it shows me boot0 error.


I am attaching pictures then you can easily understand. (This is the same issue in Mavericks)







I attached installer error log. I donot understand this. I saved it when its 2 min left.


please help me.



Installer Log 12-07-14.txt

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no boot flags i use. i again install and from customize I select chemeleon UFI option instead of default and I can now use mac. but cannot connect to internet. and I have grpahics problem.

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I prefer using boot-flags. So I suggest you must try it too. These are common boot-flags:


- Processor Type: /amd or /haswell 

- Graphic card type: NVDIA (GraphicsEnabler=Yes) or ATI (GraphicsEnabler=No)

- Motherboard type: Gigabyte (PCIRootUID=1) or ASUS, INTEL etc (PCIRootUID=0)

- npci type: ATI (npci=0x2000) or NVDIA (npci=0x3000)

- verbose mode: -v


 According to your system, I suggest you to use this boot-flags.


/haswell GraphicsEnabler=Yes PCIRootUID=0 -v npci=0x3000

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