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I installed Hackintosh 10.8.2 on my Toshiba laptop running Windows 8.1. I installed MultiBeast Mtn Lion 5.5.5, and EasyBeast to Switch between Windows 8 and OSX, but it doesn't work right. At the boot screen when i try to boot up Windows 8.1 from my main Windows partition i get a message saying "Windows failed to start. A recent Hardware or Software change might be the cause" then it asks to insert the windows installation disk, and repair it. I"ve tried downloading several windows 8.1 bootable iso's to solve the issue, but they do not work. My secondary Windows partition is not set up so i cant use that either. OSX works just fine, but all my files and stuff is on Windows, so i need to get back in it. Does anyone know any other fix???? Here are some photos for help.





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just try to find System reserved patition boot with that if it not exist then you need to boot with windows 8 installer media dvd or Usb ,go to repairs find startup repair do it,,,if it will solve your problem otherwise 

again boot with win8 installer media find Command Prompt ..type following :

Diskpartlist disk

after typing list disk you will get info of your hdd or ssd be carefull to choosing one 

select disk 0 (this is mine hdd ,choose which is yours)list partition 

after list partition you'll find your partition which contains Windows8 (if you have system reserved then choose that find them wih their size )

select partition active exit

you can also use third party softwares to get Read/write permission for NTFS 

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