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System Freezing And Other Problems

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1- Mavericks is freezing and i don't know, i did not make this thread until it happened for me many times since i installed it , and today it  freezes two times then i have to force shutdown, any solution ?2- Multi Screen Not work (when i connect another Screen to my laptop with A VGA cable its not working at all) 3- Also fn+F5 and fn+F6 to set the screen brightness which is not work in mavericks also , what can i do ?4- I have installed Chameleon Wizard > CMBios > Edit > Select MacBook Pro 8.1 and still when i select About this Mac my system is logout, i have tried another Macbooks from the Selection which have i5 and still no luck with it (As Niresh told me to modify the CMBios and i found this way but it doesn't work)5- I have an existing Linux before installing Mavericks which i cannot boot into it because it does not appear on the selection when i start my machine , i don't wanna to miss with bootloader to not damage my osx , how can i have both of them as dual boot ? (I need a clarified steps please) 6-Sometimes i got somthing with a grey color on one of opened tabs at my browser or any other application, any solution? (i don't know what i should call it maybe i should call it "glitch" ?) i have added a screenshot about itMavericks 1.9.0Sony Vaio C series VPCCA15FGhttp://y-asia.com/product/vpcca15fg/sku/vpcca15fg_d+e1


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