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Lucas Mateucci

Reboot AMD Processor

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I´m getting this error when i'll start the yosemite hackintosh zone






after this, the pc reboot


i used /amdfx npci=0x3000 

and Backup Graphics Extensions package selected

my specs




r9 270x 4gb

8gb ram

hd 320 gb

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Same error here, smbios.plist not present after install on /Extra folder, i did put one after there with macpro but still reboot after booting, verified amd kernel, and its the correct one there. /s/l/k kernel


cpu: amdfx 8350

mobo: sabertooth 990fx

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atlast fixed it...yosemite up and running on amd phenom x6 1100T

instead of saying fixed it, why not tell how did you do it, so the rest of us can knowq

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cp -/Volumes/"Image Volume"/amd64 /Volumes/"Mac"/System/Library/Kernels/kernel


rm -rf /Volumes/"Mac"/System/Library/Caches


kextcache -/Volumes/"Mac"



Mac is the volume name I used and kernel is amd64..."Mac" is case sensitive...when installation finishes and restart timer starts ...quickly select terminal like u selected disk utility and type the three lines...replacing with ur kernel and volume name...be careful of the spaces.

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