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starting Maverick without thumbdrive connected to USB port ?

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Iam new to Hackintoshes, and would like to know more about this system so I have installed the Niresh Maverick installation DMG for USB drive, and i Have a curious issue with My installation of Maverick on a eMachine E525 laptop, it installs the OS flawlessly from a 8Gb USB Thumbdrive, i mean, i don't even have to put any flags, it installs just like a dream, i start the installation selecting the USB drive with the "F12" key, and it goes.




I have to start my system with the thumbdrive connected to USB port each time, or i just have the "boot0 error" and i am stuck there...


I have already tried to boot on the thumbdrive, looking at the right partition where Maverick is installed, (disk0S1), unmounted the drive, opened the terminal, and typed the following commands :


dd if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/disk0s1


without any success as i get the following answer :


dd: /usr/standalone/i386/boot1h: No such file or directory


just as if the command doesn't get the part after the space between "boot1h" and "of=..."


i also tried to change the "/usr/" part with the thumdrive name ("OSX"), but i get the same message again...with or without the "sudo" command before the line...


does anyone here had the same problem, and of course is there an issue to get my system running without a USB thumbdrive connected ?


thanks in advance and don't mind asking questions, i already made many manipulations, and cannot write down all here on one post...

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