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will OS X mavericks/Yosemite be able to be installed on celeron 430 & X1950 graphic card

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Hi I wanted to let you know I installed ML on an external HDD which i had on my AMD APU A4-6300 with Quadro 570 working out of the box.Now my concern are below


1)I want to install a dual boot on my celeron 430 conroe with ASUS p5gc 1333 MX with an old X1950pro. Either mavericks or Yosemite since the machine is lying about and I have overclocked it to 2.16 ghz. a)Either I try to install ML on this system as well and check but that would take close to an hour to install.


2)I had a corrupted osxNiresh Mavericks which I had downloaded and don't wish to download again .recently I created a fresh hackintosh using MacPwn from the site.Now when i  create the file and try to install it the, installation is stuck with grey screen and an apple logo nothing happens.The corrupted Mavericks dmg file had the bootflag ivy -v which is absent in Macpwn program.How to I bring that and try to make an exact copy of the dmg that Niresh had made.What are the extras that the Niresh Distro has which is not present in Macpwn(Mavericks and Yosemite installation files were not downloaded from the app store).


3)Macpwn for Yosemite does not work for Amd i presume since I tried it.There is only a blank screen and dark or system restarts.


Any suggestions would be helpful





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