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Hackintosh-to-be stuck on reboot before install

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Hi there,
So this is my config :

Gigabyte Z87N Wifi (Realtek ALC892 Audio, Intel&Atheros LAN)
i5 4590 (4x3.3 Ghz, 6Mo L3)
8Gb (2x4) Kingston HyperX Fury 1600Mhz CAS 10
Samsung 840Evo 120 Gb + Seagate Barracuda 1To
Corsair CX450M
BitFenix Prodigy

I bought everything from the book as you can see, and shouldn't have had any issues.
I've been trying for a month to Hackintosh it and it stubbornly disagrees. Bios is configured correctly (I tried almost everything - except the hammer on the mb), I tried to boot with -v (of course), -f, -x, maxmem=4096, PCIRootUID=0&1, GraphicsEnabler=Yes&No and each other one I came across, on their own and in combination, even tried to remove 1 ram stick, the built-in wifi card (heard that it could cause some trouble), with another HDD, nothing works.
I manage to get to the bootloader screen, and when I press enter to boot it begins loading HFS+ files, 6-10 screens of them, then just reboots before actually getting to the installer.

I tried with almost all distros and vanillas (Niresh's, IAtkos, vanilla w/MacPwn & UniBeast, and some others I don't remember), on Yosemite, Mav, ML but nothing, nothing, nothing...

I must say it is quite a pain in the arse, since I built this PC for a friend of mine who needed a mac and now ends up with a crappy Win7 with -of course- no Logic Pro in it.

Any help or advice will be much, much, MUCH appreciated :huh:

Cheers :)

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I'm about to set up a similar build using hackintosh-zone (yosemite edition).  I will let you know how it goes.  Have you made any progress?  

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