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P5B Deluxe built-in Firewire port doesn't want to work !

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The Yosemite distro works like a charm, but there is one problem : the built-in firewire port (Texas Instruments TSB43AB22A IEEE-1394a-2000 Controller) doesn't want to work with my external Audio card is no recognized...

Is there a way to activate this port, or do I connect an external PCI/PCIe 1394 card ?


I noted in the 'System Parameters' a second Ethernet port recognized as "Firewire port"... Perhaps it can explain a part of the issue ?


Thanks in advance.


Editing of 11-29-2014 :


Sorry for the confusing !

Well, the problem finally came from the sound card itself !!!
I'd tested with an old M-Audio Firewire Audiophile, and the hardware was recognized!
So I decided to reconnect the 1814 card, but on its second 1394 port, and miracle, it works like a charm !!!
M-Audio have not update all their drivers yet, so the appli doesn't work on Yosemite (in the PrefPane panel), but this is another problem that does not concern this forum here !
So, I can say today that all is perfect with the distro on the P5B Deluxe mobo !
Bravo and thank you again for your availability!

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