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So as the title states, I get stuck with sometimes 2 or 3 USBMSC lines on verbose mode and it just stops loading there, I've tried USBBusFix=Yes doesn't work. I can't even seem to boot in safe mode, I got Yosemite working once before, a couple days ago but something went wrong and I had no sound or LAN so I tried reinstalling. I've tried replicating the install and it still does not work, my bios setting are the same and the selected packages are as well. I am booting from a USB hard drive if that helps any better. Oh and sometimes if I do manage to get by the USBMSC BS, I get [iobluetoothhcicontroller] [searchfortransporteventtimeouthandler] Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport! So these two walls are the only ones I have to overcome, hopefully I can get some quick answers on this, Thanks guys! I'll try to upload some images

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