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Emiliano Invernizzi

Booting problems SAMSUNG NP300-E4C

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Hi all and thanks for bring this space for help the newbies like me, to get hackintosh!


First sory for my english if u dont understand my thread please let me know to use one translator!


lets start:


i have a laptop samsung np300 e4c


windows 7 ultimate 64bits

i5 3210m 2.5ghz

1tb hdd

intel hd 4000 graphics

and phoenix bios


well let me tell us. before i make this thread  i was trying  like 5 or 6 hours making step by step for the successfull instaltion but i cant  boot the maverick from the usb.


i cofingure my bios disabling short time for enable usb devices, then i put hci mode for hard disk enable, after i put usb priority for the pendrive, and i have a little question. i dont have any menu for secure boot i just have enable uefi boot and in the description says enabled for licenced and uefi os so i think its the same  so i put it enabled, but when i save it and reload pc nothing happens, just start windows normal, and if i choose with f9 f10 the pendrive and take enter nothing happens too. so im so confused i dont know what im doing wrong.


PD: sorry for my engish for second time hehe.


i hope u can help me to fix this, thanks and cheers! :)

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