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Doruk Artuc

wifi toshiba c50d-a-10k (rtl8188e kext request)


so hi community


i got a toshiba c50d-a-10k laptop and i know that laptops aren't recommend but everything expect the graphics card (not a big deal) and wifi card (rtl8188e) doesnt work. i searched all over the web and found nothing i tried multibeast with no succes. I know that it isn't supported but please could someone make a kext or atleast show me how to make one. (sorry if it is a stupid topic but im kinda new in the world of mac os x soooooooo)


edit : and maybe if u find a link for the kext could u please send it.


-thank you for reading

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You have to know that mac does not support all kind of wifi cards, and maybe yours is not supported by apple, its kind of sad but here we go, at least you know whats going on ..

Try to use dongle for wifi ?! maybe it works

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thanks eriaku but i got 2 seperate wifi adapters (usb) and they dont work either.

is there a way to create a kext for rtl8188e???

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my specs of my laptop plz dont laugh :


apu : amd e-1400 1.4 GHz (overclocked to 2.333 GHz) with amd radeon HD Graphics (amd radeon 7310 HD Graphics 500MB)

OS : windows 8.1 (want to dualboot (already have a plan just need wifi (tried hackintosh half a year ago)))

RAM : 6 GB

HDD : 500 GB


Rating : -9999999999/10 (bad for gaming)

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I got another question :


i have windows 8.1 on my laptop and i want to dualboot i have got all the tweaks for the bios right (AHCI)

and i dont want to uninstall windows 8.1 soooo could i just make a fat32 partition and then erase it with the install and then finally install it on the partition without corrupting my laptop (happended before xD)

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