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USBMSC identifier

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System specs

MSI 7613 motherboard Intel H57 express chipset

Lynnfield I7 860 2.8 Ghz, 8 Gb RAM 

Asus Geforce gt610 graphics card 1Gb

ALC 888S Audio

Realtek RTL 8111DL 10/100 ethernet, Atheros wireless built in card


I installed the current Niresh distro of yosemite on my computer, the first part of the install all went fine but I lost video on reboot. I followed the instructions on the site and installed all video and backed up the video kexts. This seemed to work as my computer started and all of the permissions were repaired etc. My video however was in 1024 x 768 usually runs at 1920 x 1080. after everything was installed by the distro, I rebooted to see if my graphics would work properly. When rebooting my computer seems to be stopping at USBMSC identifier. (see photo.) I can boot into safe mode with -x. I only have a keyboard and mouse plugged into my USB ports. 

Does anyone having ideas fix this?


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Same here with my asus n550jk..i've tried everything..+1 for you because i hope someone help us

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Parad0x, i `can get it to boot using -f at boot, but now i can't log into anything apple. the system tells me that my id cannot be verified...

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i've tryed the -f boot flag but it doesn't work for me :(

do you have an apple id account? like if u use an idevices

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-f will resolve this & to reset password boot using yosemite installer select reset password in applications menu

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Hi niresh, unfortunally the -f bootflag doesn't solve my problem..i'll trying to install Yosemite in an external hdd..the installer works and i am able to do the first boot but after this when i'm booting i ll see this error

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