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Oscar Caballero

Amd Infinit Reboot

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Use one of this flags depending of your proccesor

amd -v

amdfx -v

amd64 -v

with amd64 -v my screen turns black and nothing else happened.


with amd -v and amdfx -v : [AGPM Controller] unknownPlatform

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i have the same problem with my thosiba sattelite A300D-14r using and turion x2 ultra 64 very old laptop i thought i give it a try. so far only with the lion dristro and the kernel flag with arch i385 -v i get it to waitning for root device. the same commands however wont work for the 10.9 distro. i tried amd -v amd 64-v amdfx -v also with the -x -v and cpus=1 mem=2028 and USBBusFix=Yes commands wont give me much. but a black screen or without -v the apple logo and freeze,





  • [*]AMD Turionâ„¢ X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile Processor ZM-80 [*]Toshiba TruBrite® WXGA TFT beeldscherm [*]320 GB [*]4,096 (2,048 + 2,048) MB [*]DDR2 RAM (800 MHz) [*]ATI Mobility Radeonâ„¢ HD 3650 supporting HyperMemoryâ„¢ technology [*]maximum life : tot 1u10min (Mobile Markâ„¢ 2007)
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