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Iulian Marineskov

Intel HD 4600 Mobile with QE/CI on Acer V3-772G

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Hi Niresh and all the others, i want to know if its possible to get for the Intel HD 4600 to work normally with your new release "Yosemite Zone" i use Clover with UEFI, it worked after a few problems in the beginning. Is there a patch or a special kext i have to use? as far i heard, the HD 4600 isn't supported anymore by Apple? what i should do? i want first to know what for a platform-id i own and what i should enter. please help me somebody. My other specs: intel i5-4200M, 1000GB HDD, 8 GB RAM NVIDIA Geforce 850M


In the next step i want to disable my NVIDIA Graphics Card. Its NOT possible to disable her in my locked Acer Bios, its also not possible to change the Graphics Megabyte Size for my discrete card (64 MB)


My other specs: 


Chipset: Intel Lynx Point HM 86

Audio: Realtek ALC282

WLAN: Qualcomm Atheros AR5BWB222

LAN: Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet


Graphics Card: Intel Haswell-MB GT2 Integrated Graphics Controller

PCI-Device: 8086-0416 / 1025-0781 (Rev 06)


i hope its enough to help me. Thx in advance!!!

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I can sympathize, but can't help.   I'm in the same boat here with a dell running hd4600   keeps stalling out while installing.


I'm joist going to keep tinkering,  best of luck!

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I have the same laptop..

use Clover as bootload and replace your config.plist with the file from https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-Clover-Laptop-Config/blob/master/config_HD4600.plist


the nvidia card loading is disabled by nv_disable=1 arg in that list


I also changed the ig-platform-id to 0x0a260000 which fixes the weird menu bar for me 


I also used these patched kext files (shouldnt be needed with clover)



Works fine for me :)

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