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Hit a Brick Wall

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Greetings all, 


First of all thank you for an awesome site and being a newbie it was extremely helpful and I have found some success. I posted to another forum and pretty much got cussed out for a "pirated" tool etc etc. Well without it I wouldn't be where I am now so thank you!


Anywho I am now seeking some help because it seems I have achieved everything I can. I am using an HP G60-508US with a Wistron 3612 motherboard which I may add I have looked everywhere and can't find anyone who has been able to get a Hackintosh working on this PC. It is exactly how it came from store with nothing changed. I did go back and get the screen shots from CPU-Z because I am pretty dumb when it comes to types of motherboards, graphic cards, etc etc etc.


I have Mavericks running with keyboard and trackpad working. I have been able to get iMessage working and the same MLB and ROM values after each reboot. I understand I will need to change out my Wifi card but I found the one I need for like $5 on Amazon. I do have battery percentage working fine in the top toolbar.


However, I am now in need of help to get Audio and the video working. e.g. If i try to play a YouTube video it says plugin missing and everything is really choppy. I do not mind reading and learning so if you can just point me in the direction that would be great. Also, I would like to know if Clover will work on my machine because I would like to change to that boot loader but I tried once and couldn't get anything to boot and stayed on a white looking BIOS type screen (hope that makes sense). 


Thanks again and hopefully I didn't just make myself look like an idiot. I will definitely be making a contribution to keep this running because I have wanted a Mac/Hackintosh for quiet some time and now I am typing from one. AMAZING!!!



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