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This is the configuration for my Lenovo Flex 14 touchscreen laptop:


- Intel Core i5-4200u  @ 1.6 GHz (Haswell)

- Nvidia GeForce GT 720m with Intel HD 4400 integrated graphics( optimus)

- Intel QM87 chipset

- Wlan: Qualcomm Atheros AR956x

- Ethernet: Realtek RTL8168

- Audio: Realtek ALC283(i think..) Device ID:(HDAUDIOFUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0283&SUBSYS_17AA3801&REV_10004&157DCDAD&0&0001)

- Running Windows 8.1 Single Language while trying to dual boot OSX Mavericks. 


Now what I have done with no problems:


  • I made the USB for Niresh Distro using windows method.
  • Partitioned my hard drive through a partition manager and formatted it .(Mac OSX Extended Journaled)
  • Booted USB in legacy support mode and booted "Niresh-Mavericks" using flag 'xpcm-free'
  • Customized the menu and installed Niresh distro by
  1.  Unchecking Graphics Enabler=Yes and Checking IGMPEnabler=Yes
  2. Checking Backup kexts for Nvidia
  3. Unchecking Hardware Monitor Appication in FakeSMC
  • Rebooting in Niresh bootloader

Problems faced and my solution:

  • After rebooting I was getting this kernel panic in verbose mode
  • 1415131095__dsc_0200.jpg
  • what i did was to boot in safe mode and deleted kexts IOAudioFamily.kext and VodooHDA.kext from /S/L/E and made backup in a folder in my root.
  • After this i rebooted in verbose mode and ignored kernel cache(-f). A new error related to AppleLMUController was showing frequently (no kernel panics and the screen got stuck after some time.(dont remember what was the last line).In some forums, i read that maybe the error was caused to plugins present in fakesmc.kext. After booting up again in safe mode, I removed the kext file (don't remember its exact name..will edit this post after  rebooting and getting the name from my backup folder using -s ) FakeSMCxxxx.kext from the plugins folder (/S/L/E/FakeSMC.kext/Contents/Plugins/ ) and backed it up in the same folder the previous kext files were backed up.
  • After this I booted again in verbose mode only. The AppleLMuController error was still occurring but still the gui got loaded and I was able to access my pendrives and Windows partition but with no sound and wifi. To solve wifi problem(try), I installed Slytherin and selected only checked wifiinjector kext from its options.

Current Big problem:

  • After this, i used kext wizard to repair permissions and kernel cache. After it was completed, I was getting info about some random video file when suddenly, kernel panic occured(page fault from its look) with black screen with white text overlapping on some part of my desktop screen and my hackintosh got hung up.(something like this 
  • https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Niresh12495/Imgs_move/master/hackintosh/1415134163__dsc_0173.jpg just for reference how it looked like..not the error..replace apple logo with desktop screen)
  • After that, whatever i do i.e whether i boot in safe mode+verbose mode or simply verbose mode it can't get past this screen



Note: 1."Resetting IOCatalogue", this line only shows when booting in safe mode after 5-10 minutes. Also, when I rebooted for the first time in verbose mode only, there was some line after waiting for 5-10 minutes "rebuild kernel prebuild.." something like that( sorry don't remember the exact line)


Small problems:

  • No Audio
  • Running video files with mplayerx( tried .mp4 and .mkv) shows black screen and running quicktime with .mp4 file shows some -101 error.
  • No wifi
  • Launchpad icons flickers when scrolling, screen tears 
  • Chess moves are playable with continuous flickering.


EDIT: I did a fresh install and backed up only VoodooHDA.kext and it boots into gui perfectly. Small problems are remaining though. Anyone with suggestions, please feel free to comment on to this post.


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