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Compaq CQ 10-500 install OK and work fine!!!!!!

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Hello everyone ...

I was able to successfully install this release Niresh atom 10.7.3 V2.

The first thing to do is replacing the wifi card with a broadcom type BCM94311MCG.

To do this you need to replace the PC with an unlocked bios found on the net, you can not end up working to replace the wi-fi with an unauthorized (Black List).

Start the installation from the DVD with these options: "atom -v -x cpus = 1"

choose custom installation and select: Kernel Atom; Audio Voodoo 2.7.2; Laptop select all; video Intel HD Graphics.

Do not install different drivers in the package otherwise the shared video memory down to 64MB.

Do not install the network drivers and Wi-Fi.

After installation is complete restart with "cpus = 1"

Complete the setup wizard and install "chamaleon wizard" and select the flag "cpus = 1".

Repair permissions and perform the rebuild of the cache.

Install the drivers ethernet on board with this driver: "Rtgnic V2.06 for 10.7"

Do not perform updates to 'OSX reboot not worth the ...

There remains a small point The drop down menu is in ENGLISH and the rest is in Italian probabilente a Bug distro.

I wonder if you can remedy the problem and if there is maybe a .pkg file language!

Thanks Niresh

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