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USB Installer keeps reboot

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Hi, I have PC with: MSI B85M-E45, Intel i5 4430 Haswell, 1TBx2 (all in MBR), AMD Radeon 7790 OC 1GB, 4GB RAM Gskill.

I can boot into Installer, but it's keep reboot event all flag I try.

- I dont reformat my HDD to keep my only Windows 7 and Data.

- BIOS Startup set to Legacy+UEFI.

- I take burst shoot to get exactly error while install with -v flag: Read HFS+ File: .. SystemLibraryExtensions.mkext is the last line and reboot.


I tried with some flags but no luck: GraphicsEnabler=No, dart=0, -x, PCIRootUID=0, cpus=1

I don't have much experience in Niresh distro and hackintosh, what can cause this problem and how could I try?



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Sorry for missing guide under link download. I use only xpcm-free -v and it works. I tried xpcm-free with some other flags can not make it work.

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