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"Installer quit unexpectedly". Installer crashes, cannot install apps.

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Hi, Hackintosh folks!


I have installed Os X 10.9.0 Mavericks from Niresh on my Asus K55VJ laptop. I have Windows 8.1 installed on SSD, and Os X is installed on HDD.
The problem is, that I can't install apps on my Hackintosh, because whenever I mount a dmg, and then start the installer it crashes with message "Installer quit unexpectedly".
When I click on "Report...", I get this in error report:

Process:         Installer [395]
Path:            /System/Library/CoreServices/Installer.app/Contents/MacOS/Installer
Identifier:      com.apple.installer
Version:         ???
Build Info:      Installer-721000000000000~67
Code Type:       X86-64 (Native)
Parent Process:  launchd [161]
Responsible:     Installer [395]
User ID:         501

Date/Time:       2014-10-24 15:09:06.248 +0200
OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.9 (13A603)
Report Version:  11
Anonymous UUID:  C6DDA294-0757-C0AA-8CC8-5F288A3E3715

Crashed Thread:  0

Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000

Application Specific Information:
dyld: launch, loading dependent libraries

Dyld Error Message:
  Library not loaded: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Install.framework/Versions/A/Install
  Referenced from: /System/Library/CoreServices/Installer.app/Contents/MacOS/Installer
  Reason: no suitable image found.  Did find:
	/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Install.framework/Versions/A/Install: unknown file type, first eight bytes: 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00

Binary Images:
    0x7fff604e0000 -     0x7fff60513817  dyld (239.3) <D1DFCF3F-0B0C-332A-BCC0-87A851B570FF> /usr/lib/dyld

Model: MacPro3,1, BootROM www.hackintoshzone.com, 2 processors, Intel Core i3, 2.49 GHz, 12 GB, SMC 1.30f3
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000, Intel HD Graphics 4000, Built-In, 1024 MB
Graphics: Asus GeForce GT 635M, Asus GeForce GT 635M, PCIe, 1 MB
Memory Module: BANK 0/ChannelA-DIMM0, 4 GB, DDR3, 1600 MHz, Kingston, 99U5582-009.A00G
Memory Module: BANK 2/ChannelB-DIMM0, 8 GB, DDR3, 1600 MHz, Kingston, 99U5428-069.A00LF
Bluetooth: Version 4.2.0f6 12982, 3 services, 22 devices, 1 incoming serial ports
Network Service: Ethernet, Ethernet, en0
PCI Card: Asus GeForce GT 635M, Display Controller, Slot-1
Serial ATA Device: Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB, 250.06 GB
Serial ATA Device: WDC WD7500BPVT-80HXZT3, 750.16 GB
USB Device: Hub
USB Device: Bluetooth USB Host Controller
USB Device: ASUS USB2.0 Webcam
USB Device: Hub
USB Device: USB Optical Mouse
USB Device: USB Keykoard
USB Device: USB2.0 Hub
USB Device: USB2.0 Hub
USB Device: HD Webcam C525
USB Device: USB2.0 Hub
USB Device: USB Receiver
Thunderbolt Bus: 

I have searched the forums, but havent found a solution (not even a thread) for my problem. Does anybody have an idea, how could I fix this?


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