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about MacPwn Usb Install

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Hy, sorry if this post is bad placed,

as i told before, i have

P5QKL AM Intel E7500

Intel Duo2Core 2.94GHz

4 G Ramm 800MGz

Graphics Nvidia GeForce GT610 1024Mo

Sound is working with voodoo and ethernet work from the start ( ethernet ) " Niresh " had install all kexts i need it,,

 today is running 10.9.5 everything run' perfectly,,

after looking at the guide of Yosemite, i've try it,,," many times ",,,problem is get the good yosemite file, i didn't get it from Apple store, but is the same ( finally i found the right one i think ),,

Ok, all other times i try to install MacPwn he gave's me error " installation failed " this 2 or 3 minutes after typing my Password,,,

know with the image i've get " Yosemite app " , after open MacPwn and chose my USB Drive 8 G previously formatted on Ext jour,  i type install,,

apparently is running,,,telling me will take 1 hour and 11 minutes,,

When i chose "get info" on USB drive ( where i install MacPwn ), i can see, the program is writing data in there,,,,,but it takes a lot of time


is this normal? 

Now is stuck on 1,35 Gb ,,?????

Any help,, i would love to get this installed tonight.

please anyone tips are very welcome.

Thanks Niresh for your great job,,at least i love this one,,cheers.

i leave one screen shot,,

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i can't post my screen shot,,file is too big,,what should i do? my screenshot as 2.88MB,, and forum only accept 500Ko,, how to do this??

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