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Mavericks 10.9.4 (intel HD graphics) shows distorted graphics when booted

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System Specs : 


Gateway NV55C39u

  intel core  i5-480m 

  500 GB HD

  4GB memory



Please note I have upgraded OSX from Niresh 10.9 to OSX 10.9.4  update the problem has been there from 10.9.0


I'm using Chameleon bootloader presently.


Whenever i boot up mavericks 10.9.4 the graphics is distorted you cannot see the screen properly due to the distortion its like the graphics is replicate and has lines.... however if i boot with -x(safemode) it shows up perfectly but i need the graphics resolution to be higher as i am doing some coding in xcode the the 1024x764 resolution is too low to see everything on screen. I have tried chameleon modification i have tried skipping the intel graphics,ATI,NVRAM kexts , i have used the INTELHD Patcher installed the IntelGraphicsVABundle . I'm kind of out of ideas presently i would really appreciate some help on this as its the only thing i have that doesnt work on the hackintosh along with the ethernet but that i can fix later cause i got the wifi up and running.  



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