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Wifi drivers

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thank's lot for my dream come true by installing yosemite on my pc have small problem with Wifi drivers Can you Me Help….


1: aqprox 300Mbps High-Power Wireless-N USB Adapter Model: APPUSB300H2 http://approx.es/APPUSB300H2#.VEV6QZOUdg9


2. Crypto AIRDATA 150 S2 USB  http://www.cryptoelectronics.gr/product/airdata-150-s2-usb/






- CPU ( Intel Core i7 Sandy bridgr 3,4 Ghz)

- Graphic Card by exact name (nVidia GeForce GTX 280 1024 MB)

- MotherBoard Chipset (Intel P67) Link for MotherBoard ( http://www.foxconnchannel.com/ProductDetail.aspx?T=motherboard&U=en-us0000527 )

- Ethernet (PC Gigabit Lan) ( Hackintosh Realtek RTL81xx v0.0.90)

- Audio Card (7.1 channel HDA) ( Hackintosh Chipset VoodooHDA v0.2.1 )


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For you again maybe I've done in the wrong place for this post and I have not gotten an answer . I'm new here SO sorry for the mistakes that may have done regarding my English and what did not go so well ........  :(  :(  :( 

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