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What Is After Using Win32Diskimager ?

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My laptop is Sony Vaio C series VPCCA15FG

Specifications: http://www.sony-asia.com/product/vpcca15fg/sku/vpcca15fg_d+e1

Currently I have a dual-boot Windows 8 and Linux , But i will remove Windows 8 in order to install Niresh Mavericks 

I have downloaded Niresh-Mavericks.dmg and Win32DiskImager, burned the dmg file on a stick usb and i can boot with it successfully.
I have some questions just to make sure about most of things before i start the installation process:

1- from Mavericks download's page there is the following which i don't understand it and when i should do it (because i don't want to lose my data of course  :D  :



You Have to Do a Small Step to Restore The Image on Mac but its very simple

type diskutil list on terminal press enter

there you may see a list of disk look out for your usb

disk0 will probably be the root harddisk


so if you can find your pendrive then

look out for the disk number it will be similar like disk0


for an example that can be disk3


so to restore the dmg on terminal type

diskutil unmountdisk /dev/disk3


then to restore the image

dd if=/path/to/the/dmg/ of=/dev/rdisk3 bs=1m


after typing dd if=(You Can Just Drag and Drop The Image)


thats all be very very careful when using dd wrong disk value may cause complete data loss

if you realized that you have entered the wrong value while using dd immediately hard reset the computer

never use a harddisk for restore you will loose all your datas


2- From Macbreaker thread about installing Niresh (ML) there are things must be done in bios before installing specially this

SATA Control Mode (your BIOS might call this a different name) - This will probably already be set to "SATA", "IDE", or "RAID". Change it to "AHCI". Mac OS X only works with AHCI.


Niresh says this Mavericks Distro will work without changing to AHCI
Posted Imageso i am confused a little as its my first time to try install a hackintosh on my laptop what should i do at this point ?

3- when booting keyboard is working and i can move the mouse using touch pad, but i cannot click with the touch pad itself as i do on windows or linux ( but i can use the left click button instead), is this mean it won't work even after installation ?


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