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What is New in 10.8.5 Mountain Lion Distro?

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Hey there guys so you may be wondering that why am i releasing a distro for 10.8.5 when there is mavericks?

The simple answer is that i totally rebuild the method of distro making so from now on i can use the core of 10.8.5 to create 10.9.x


So What is Special in 10.8.5 Distro?

UEFI and Non-UEFI Boot-Loader Combined in a Single Image: It mean UEFI Bios Users Can Boot With UEFI Booting and Others With Normal MBR Booting. Its a Breakthrough.

Dual Boot-Loader (Chameleon and Chimera)

You Can Install OSX Using Chameleon or Chimera.


Boot-Loader Installation Options

UEFI Clover

EFI Clover

Standard Clover Installation.

Chameleon EFI

Chameleon Standard

or You Can Even Install Without Boot-Loader


Kernels and Machine Support

AMD Kernel For Non FX There are Two Kernels Included

AMD Kernel for FX 

XPCM-Free Kernel for Haswell to resolve istant reboot error

ATOM Kernel

Hp-Lapic Fix Kernel

Vanilla Kernel of 10.8.5


And for AMD Users They Now Can Use Kext Cache Instead of KernelCache as it was like on Snow Leopard 10.6.x 

So it will reduce boot time significantly 


Audio Automagical Installation

Network Automagical Installation.

HWSensor from SourceForge.

Trim Support.

VMWare Virtual Machine Support.

Fix for Slow USB Issue and Non-Working USB Ports.

SMBIOS, other Option to Eliminate AppleTymceDriver Related Error.

Mostly Native Intel Powermanagement.

Some Additional Bootflags Added.

Added dmar=0 to fix virtualization releated errors.


Nothing Done For Graphics Section You Can Get The Kexts from Download Section

or All Over The Internet


and Manymore.

Be Patient.

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Congratz Niresh!


We all look foreward to the release, but let's be patient. When he releases it, we (the moderaters, admins and the awesome community) will be ready to answer your questions.


You can become a member so you can be part of this awesome community. As mentioned in a previous post: we keep your email-address save, and we hate spam as much as you do, so we will rarely send a newsletter. You can even choose to not receive the newsletter at signup.

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Is there an easy way to get this onto a bootable usb from windows? I have a ultra portable laptop that doesnt have a dvd drive, and would like to run this on it.

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