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if I install default patches,log in desktop while system cause freeze

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It's about DSDT.aml,Change methods _STA and _CRS into device HPET (to avoid AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement panic

Niresh 10.9 has Disabler.kext can solved this problem.

I replace ACBEL IP430 and INNO3D GEFORCE GTX 260 GOLD with EVGA GT 740 2GB SUPERCLOCKED and CORSAIR CS550M and install default Niresh-Mavericks options on GPT SSD,boot from USB Niresh-Mavericks,no crash anymore.


CPU Feature

Thermal Management Control:Disable
PPM(EIST) Mode:Disable
Limit CPUID MaxVal:Disable
C1E Function:Disable
Execute Disable Bit:Enable
Virtualization Technology:Enable
Core Multi-Processing:Enable

Voltage Setting

CPU VID Special Add:+200mV
DRAM Voltage Control:2.100V
SB Core/CPU PLL Voltage:1.55V
NB Core Voltage:1.2700V
CPU VTT Voltage:1.24V
Vcore Droop Control:Disable
Clockgen Voltage Control:3.85V
CPU GTL 0/2 REF Volt:0.67X
CPU GTL 1/3 REF Volt:0.67X
North Bridge GTL REF Volt:0.67X
FSB Vref:Auto

Genie BIOS Setting

CPU Clock Amplitude:1000mv
CPU CLock Ratio:9x
CPU Clock:450 MHz
Target CPU Clock:4050 MHz
DRAM Speed:333/667
Target DRAM Speed:DDR2 901

DRAM Timing

Enhance Data Transmitting:Normal
Enhance Addressing:Normal
T2 Dispatch:Disable
Flex Memory Mode:Auto
CAS Latency Time (tCL):5
RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD):6
RAS# Precharge (tRP):6
Precharge Delay (tRAS):18
All Precharge to ACT:7
REF to ACT Delay (tRFC):60
Performance LVL(Read delay):Auto
Read delay phase adjust:Auto
Write to PRE Delay(tWR):Auto
Rank Write to Read(tWRT):Auto
ACT to ACT Delay(tRRD):Auto
Read To Write delay(tRDWR):Auto
Ranks Write to Write(tWRWR):Auto
Ranks Write To Read(tWRRD):Auto
Read CAS# Precharge(tRTP):Auto
All PRE to Refresh:10

Clock Setting Fin Delay

DLL and RCOMP Settings:By Menu
CH1 DRAM Default Skew:Model 3
CH1 DRAM Default Skew:Model 3
RCOMP Setting:Model 1
Ch1 Clock Crossing Setting:Nominal
Ch2 Clock Crossing Setting:Nominal
Ch1Ch2 CommonClock Setting:Nominal

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