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Update Niresh Mavericks 10.9 to 10.9.4 AMD

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Hi, this tutorial is made by me, try many ways and this way it worked, with my Niresh Mavericks AMD


Motherboard: MSI MS-7778 (Jasmine) 
RAM: 10GB DDR3-1600 
Processor: AMD A8-5500 3.2 GHz (3.7 GHz turbo up to) 
2 Video Graphics: 
Internal: AMD HD7560D 
PCI Express: GIGABYTE NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 2GB DDR3 128 bit GPU 
Sound: Integrated IDT Audio 92HD73E 
Hard Drieve: 1TB SATA



1) In the Mavericks backup's files and directories:


/boot* (boot, boot2, boot3, boot6)

/mach_kernel* (mach_kernel, mach_kernel.backup)





2) Download  OSXUpdCombo10.9.4.dmg  and install, this installation need to restart


3) Due to the previous installation, you must copy some files from backup, so for this you need to copy file from the another OS, install Paragon HFS+ for Windows (but I will not work for me), I used Ubuntu and this work fine to me.


4) Download Ubuntu 14.04 (32 or 64 bits), burn to DVD and boot from pc or notebook "Try Live CD Ubuntu".


5) Into Ubuntu you need to do this:


$ sudo apt-get install hfsplus hfsutils


Download and install manual "hfsprogs" package (hfsprogs_332.25-11_amd64.deb)

$ sudo umount /media/ubuntu/Hackintosh  (umount any device if you have mounted)
$ sudo mkdir /media/ubuntu/niresh
(/dev/sdb2 it's my partitions HFSPlus of OSx, /dev/sda it's my partitions of Windows)
$ sudo mount -t hfsplus -o force,rw /dev/sdb2 /media/ubuntu/niresh
(if you need remount partition, use this command)
$ sudo mount -t hfsplus -o remount,force,rw /dev/sdb2 /media/ubuntu/niresh
(if the partition is mounted read-only, type the following command, and mounted again and will mounted with read-write)
sudo fsck.hfsplus -f /dev/sdb2


6) copy the backup files to the OSx partitions:


$ sudo rm /media/ubuntu/niresh/mach_kernel*

$ sudo cp /Backup/mach_kernel* /media/ubuntu/niresh

$ cd /media/ubuntu/niresh/System/Library/Extensions/

$ rm -fr AppleMatch.kext/ System.kext/ Sandbox.kext/

$ sudo copy -fr /Backup/System/Library/Extensions/AppleMatch.kext/  .

$ sudo copy -fr /Backup/System/Library/Extensions/System.kext/ .

$ sudo copy -fr /Backup/System/Library/Extensions/Sandbox.kext/ .

$ sudo reboot


7) boot from the Mavericks with any the following commands:



-v -x -f

-v -x -f -s

-v npci=0x3000

-v npci=0x3000 UseKernelCache=No

-v npci=0x3000 UseKernelCache=No GraphicsEnabler=No

-v npci=0x3000 UseKernelCache=No PCIRootUID=0

-v npci=0x3000 USBBusFix=Yes

-v npci=0x3000 USBBusFix=Yes PCIRootUID=1



And that's it.

Greetings from Bolivia.



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