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Piotr Bartoszek

radeon hd 6950

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Hello, @ . I did some research on your topic and I actually found a guide... I am not sure if it works because I do not have that GPU myself, but you could try it and get back to us here.


http://forum netkas org/index.php?topic=5484.0


replace the spaces with dots "." for the link to work.

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Well, if you followed the steps properly and it did not help you, just boot into another os x, access you mac os x drive and in System/Library/Extensions delete the .kext you installed... If you boot into windows, you'll have to download a software to access you HDD. I used MacDrive free trial

Alternatively, if don't have another OS to boot in. Make a bootable USB or DVD with Niresh 10.9 and in the intalletion windows, after selecting you language, go to the Terminal windows, and type the following command:

mv /Volumes/NameOfYour Drive/System/Library/Extensions/nameofyourkext.kext /Volumes/NameOfYour Drive/System/Library/Extensions_bad

After that, you will be able to see your desktop. If you don't find something else on how to use your GPU, you might need to get another one.

Good luck.

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