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Joshua Horacsek

10.9.5 No longer boots (GTX 760 issues)

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I installed Niresh 10.9 week and a bit ago, everything was running perfectly (including updates) until this morning. I tried to boot and after the apple logo, my machine booted to a blank screen. I don't think any updates have run since last evening, there've been no hardware changes either. I removed my graphics card, and installed the intel drivers, and everything works OK now.



CPU: Intel Core i7-37770
Chipset: Intel Z77 

Graphics: nVidia GTX 760


I also tried to boot into Linux (which failed), so I wonder if my GPU is dead? I booted into linux just fine with an old GTX 560ti I had lying around, but I couldn't boot into OSX with that same 560. 

Has anyone experienced the same or similar problems? 

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What happened to me was this:


So I have two GPU, integrated in the processor, and a dedicated one (Actually you can only use one since there's no switchable graphics to my understanding)...


So, The default GPU kext that the installation provided didn't fit my GPU so I got a grey screen (same situation as black, gnu problems).


What I had to do is the following... I boot into windows and installed MacDrive (A software to access Mac OS X HDD from windows). This software let me write into the disk. So, I went into the HDD, /System/Library/Extensions, and deleted all the kexts that were causing the problem, afterwards, I boot into Mac OS X, installed the right kext for my GPU and now it's working 100% fine.


It is a possibility that your GPU is dead. Maybe you could try to use it in another system or OS. If it doesn't work, there it's probably dead, if it does work, then it's a drivers problem and you'll just have to delete the kexts. 


Good Luck!

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It turns out that the GPU was dead. Got a replacement and everything started working again, thanks anyway though.

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