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Hp Dv6767T - Nvidia 8400M Gs Graphics Kext Required For Mavericks

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First I installed Mavericks successfully on my HP laptop. But when i tried to boot it first time it did'nt booted. Then I removed all the kexts from S/L/E following this thread.


It all worked till i found that there is strange flckering on the screen. The exact scenario was encountered by tankball which he described in this video


Further my Wifi is also not working. Seems it is a known issue with HP DV6 series, still let me know if there is any solution. 

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Hey Niresh,


Many thanks for your response. 


I tried to install the package but it failed at the end. Since there is no log hence i could not get the reason behind it. However i found that there are 4 filed created in my S/L/E.


When I rebooted the system it got stuck on Apple Logo. On checking the verbose i found that it got stuck on -

ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start - WaitForService(resourceMatching(AppleIntimeoutNVDANV50HAL loaded and registered

Please help.

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