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post installation graphics and audio problems :)

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Hi everyone,

I' ve installed successfully Mavericks on a pc with 


- CPU: Intel Core E7200
- Graphic Card: nVidia ECS 8800GT
- MotherBoard:

- Audio Card (Chipset Realtek ALC 889A)


Screen analysis is 1024 x 748 3MB memory and no Audio.


I ve started by cloning the installation in the same disk because patches for Nvidia and Audio solutions in the download sector recuire a 10.9.5 version and i did not wat to reinstall again -  a wise desicion later on. An update using app store started in the cloned installation but in the reboot graphics failed and I got a black screen (monitor had no signal at all)... 


I ve tried everything with multibeast without results in the first installation...


Now can someone give me a link/hint to a solution please:

1.Can i update to 10.9.5 without a black screen as to install the patches?

2.Or do i have to fix 10.9.0 first and latter on to update? Is there a fix for 10.9.0?


Thanks a lot for any help given. 

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Fixed Audio and screen resolution - but still with glitches - using chameleon wizard.


Is there a safe way - guide to upgrade to 10.9.5?


what do i have to save (kexts etc) and how do i re-use them?

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As far as graphics are concerned, have a read here : http://www.tonymacx86.com/graphics/141687-nvidia-releases-alternate-graphics-drivers-10-9-5-334-01-03f01.html

These are supposed to fix issues with 10.9.5 and NVidia graphics cards.


Your best solution for Audio is to install VoodooHDA from here : http://www.hackintoshosx.com/files/download/1194-voodoohda-286-pkg-installer/


Just install the latest one, pretty easy and straight-forward. I think the installation is automatic. It automatically finds your Audio device and installs the correct kext. 


I also wanted to ask if OSX boots with "GraphicsEnabler=No". If so, you can easily download the driver from NVidia and install it. Let me know if it works!

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