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Uptime in nanoseconds error on Older system

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I have read through similar post but I am a bit losyt at how to fix this problem.

I am only familiar with any other OS's like linux and pretty much all MS crap .

anyway I dug out this older system ( DFI LP dark p35 chips set 8 GB DDR2 ram with a Q6600 itel CPU and a older nvid 285gtx .

I did have a few issues trying to install Niresh maveric on here but fiannly it did install .


Now being a total noob with anything mac I just let it load up and do its thing noticing that it looks allot like Linux Gnome,


after a while when everything seemed to settle down and the web browser popped up flickering ( figured it is some java issue) but on the top left corner a box pop up saying something about having to restart to install updates ,


I restarted and I get to a point where it is saying kernal version 13.3.0 then a date

and under that ( only see part of the first word because of this monitor) model name macpro5.1

system uptime in nanoseconds some large number  


So I am only guessin but could this be because of this old system not agreeing with this newer Kernel?

how do I fix this , I like to remind peeps that read this that I am a noob at this OS ( anything mac os)

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Re-install your niresh distro, do not install updates. Apple is not making firmware/software updates tailored to your hard/software. :)


Edit for more info: Usually when this happens it doesn't like your hardware. Aka; updates overwrote some important stuff from Niresh and broke it.

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