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Abhay Trivedi

A couple of queries after installing Niresh Mavericks Distro

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My first post in the forum, so please forgive me if i posted something wrong.
So today i finished installing mavericks 10.9 by niresh.
I found it easy.
Did not use any boot flags.
First booted up with onboard graphics and later installed kexts for my gfx card and now everything is almost working fine.
but i have a couple of issues.
1. The sleep function is not working properly
2. i used multi beast 6.2.1 to install the Audio. otherwise on the next restart i tend to lose sound.
3. how can i fix iMessages and FaceTime?
4. I am having a copy of windows 8.1 in one part ion which was installed before osx but now i am unable to boot into it. startup is broken. How to fix it?

I am using chameleon bootloader

System specs
Motherboard : Asrock z77 extreme 4
Processor: i5-2500k
GPU: HIS 7850 2 GB
Ram: gskill ripjaws 2x4gb
HDD: WD caviar black edition 1 TB
Please help me.

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@Abhay Trivedi Using Sleep Enabler kext may fix sleep issues or If you have UEFI Bios Options turn it on

VooDoo HDA is probably enough for Audio

This may fix imessage

You have to repair your Windows 8 Boot loader with the Installation DvD, I have'nt tried win 8 yet

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