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Lockup Installing Fresh from USB: PCI Configuration Begin

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Hello. While I admit I am totally new to this whole Hackintosh thing, I'm far from a stranger of the world of PC and *NIX. That being said, I've spent the last couple of nights trying every piece of advice in troubleshooting I could find to get past the dreaded 'PCI Configuration Begin' freeze during initial install. IE: -x, -v, npci=0x2000/3000, PCIRoot*, GraphicsEnabler*, -legacy, and various variations therein. I figured my hardware was pretty straight forward (See below) so for the sake of minimal installation shouldn't be causing an issue. Should I try an older version of OSX and then use it as my 'existing osx' to install a new version? I am at a loss.




Dell XPS M1530:

Core2Duo T9500(I think)

4GB Ram


nVidia 8600 GT Integrated Graphics

Various onboard periphs: LAN, WLAN, etc

MB? Not sure.

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