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triple boot.

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Hello forgive me if it's already been posted before, what I'm trying to do is free up some space on my main hard drive which is 1 TB. I was thinking 200 gigs for Mac, but here's the deal. I have two hard drives one is a 120 gigs running Linux OS the other is a 1 TB with Windows OS on it. My boot menu is grub and it gives me the options of which of the two OS to boot into. What I'd like to do is install Mac an add to the boot loader, or have a boot loader gives me the options of which OS to boot into. I guess you would call a triple boot. Okay 1 TB hard drive two partitions Windows OS and Mac (Mavericks) second hard drive 120 gigs running Linux OS. So basically free up space on my terabyte install Mavericks and have the option to boot into all three. I do not want to reinstall Windows OS or Linux OS due to the fact that I use those on a daily basis mainly my Linux.



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