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Sony Vaio SVF14213CBB - no AHCI - install OK but not working

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Hi, I've looked in many places, in forums, here and other forums, googled a lot about this problem and no luck. I tried the Iatkos ML2 first but it freezes in the first screen, don't even install. The version here from Niresh installs with no problem, I installed the 10.9, 10.8.5, 10.8.2 and all with the same problem.
The 10.9 version got past the "still waiting for root device" and showed a panic No HPETs available, CPU configured incorrectly.
What I found is that this notebook Sony Vaio that I'm using does not have the option to change to AHCI. I found that some guys with vaio hacked the BIOS and installed other to get access to change it, but It can be dangerous and I don't know if there is a hack for my BIOS version/model.
Any way to make it work?
it's a sony vaio svf14213cbb, core i5 3337U intel HD4000.
here is the screen shot:
thank you.

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After a lot of searching, I got past the problem of the AHCI.

No one was talking about it, I got it by myself.

I found a Boot flag command


first X is the HDD and second X is the partition

In terminal I used the command "diskutil list" to find the numbers of the HDD were the OSX was installed.

This command tells were the HDD is located.


But now it goes black screen and I hear some woman saying something and then all gets frozen in an Audio loop.

Any help?


I found out that from the notebook HDMI to my TV I can see an image half screen, is from the first boot up screen for configure the OSX, but I can not see what it says, it's all kind of "scrambled".

The notebook screen is black (off)

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So, I tried to fix the black screen but no luck yet, but I got the freezing after the boot to stop.

I used the link from Niresh to fix the black screen, the screen is off yet and the HDMI to TV still show the image scrambled, nothing changed I guess.

Just the OS is not frozen.

this is the link, I used the case 1 part:

white grey black screen fix hackintosh


I wish someone could help me on this.

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I got it to boot  :D

after doing the thing to fix the screen (and it didn't fixed at the time, maybe) I have tried again the command "GraphicsEnable=No" and now it worked

the system boots alright and the screen is working.

I tried it before doing the fix and the "rd" command and it did not worked, but now is ok.

I logged in with the "root" username and "niresh" password and got to the desktop.

Now it's doing something by itself to fix permissions and stuff.

I guess is something that Niresh did to make automatic?

But the touchpad buttons are not working, I plugged an external USB mouse and it works fine.

I opened the system preferences, in the trackpad I select the option to use a "click" in the trackpad to be like a button.

Now it works.

The sound work too.

I'm going to test all the rest now

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the ethernet card wasn't working and I could not find the brand and model of the card with the System Info app.

So I found this app Hardware Info, and it showed the card was an Realtek RTL8111



and with Multibeast I installed the driver.

now the internet is working with cable, the wireless is a Broadcom BCM43142 and it does not work with OSX, so must be replaced I guess.

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Congrats on getting it to work. After you used graphicsenabler=no, did you still have qe/ci?

I don't know how to check it, but I installed the driver for the HD4000 card after everything and also used multibeast to make the touchpad buttons work.

First I tried this driver for the video and it didn't work, made the boot slow.


so, don't install it.

After I used this and worked


The screen saver is working, maybe the qe/ci is alright?

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