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Daniel Ip

Mavericks on HP Envy 15(pretty similar to macbook pro)

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Hi Guys, i am really new to hackintosh. i have recently bought a laptop(HP Envy 15) and wanna install a hackintosh to it. the spec is as below:

CPU: Haswell i7-4712HQ

Ram: 8GB 1600

GPU: GTX850m with HD graphics 4600(i know that 850m is now not supported)

Screen: 1080p ips

Chipset: HM87

HD: 1TB 5400rpm

i think that most hardware is supported, but when i use niresh mavericks, it cannot boot.

after i plug my usb that made in windows into my laptop, and i use f9 to choose to boot my usb. after that, it is able to go into the niresh menu.

i tried to use no flag, cannot boot or even see a apple logo.

with flag

1: hp xpcm-free -v -x

2. hp xpcm-free -v -x cpus=1

3. hp xpcm-free -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No

but nothing works, not even getting into boot process.

i can't even install it on my laptop.

please help me, million thanks.

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oh, i am really new, and i finally find out that i cannot use 2 Mach_kernel, in my case, because it is a haswell cpu, xpcm-free is more important, hp should not be use.

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