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Guest ilustrado

ACPI System State. No fixes available?

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Guest ilustrado

I've had "ACPI: System State S1 S2 S3 S4 (S3)" or whatever for a really long time now. Other distro's can get past this step, but often fail in some other way, not to mention I simply like Niresh's release. I got a previous version working flawlessly a while ago but now that I'm trying to install Mavericks it's just not wanting to go past this step. Saw on another post that it was fixed by replacing a certain kext on the ISO, but I have no access to OSX anymore, so I can't use any kext editors. Used Transmac to get the extensions.mkext but couldn't open it with any program currently available. 

Keep in mind, this happens on boot from USB. Can't even get to the installation screen. Can't use terminal to modify files within the setup with any distro as it's a read-only filesystem, so I'm pretty much fucked in all regards. Anyone have any advice or help in any way? Or an extensions.mkext with a fixed kext? 

I've used a boatload of boot flags, so try to avoid replies such as "try graphicsenabler=no or -x" or stuff similar. Hopefully looking for someone who's had this problem and overcame it; or someone who knows exactly what causes it, not just blind guesses.

Niresh posted a response in some thread, telling them to go to a link/thread that supposedly had the answer, however, the link is broken and redirects to an error page. Upon looking further, turns out he linked to a "common troubleshooting fixes" guide started by himself. Found it, and looked through it, absolutely no mention of this problem in the slightest. 

Thanks in advance. Tried other sites but their community is terrible, you all seem above the rest :^)

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