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Ciprian Ionescu

Problem Installing Mavericks

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I've been having (and still have) a problem installing Mavericks on my Asus N56VB. At DU (Disk Utility), when formatting my partition, I get a:

Volume Erase failed with error:

Couldn't modify partition map.

When I go into the HDD Partition tab, I see:

You can't resize the partitions on this disk because it uses the Master Boot Record partition scheme.

I do NOT want to delete windows or any other partitions, as I just got them to work.

I have disabled Secure Boot from system setup (BIOS/UEFI??)

I have heard that Niresh Mavericks supports MBR, but in DU, it says it does not.

I am very confused, and would appreciate any help, other than "erase your hard drive"



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Go into Windows, go to Create and format hard disk partitions, and create a partition that way (NTFS, or FAT 32) if you're trying to shrink a volume to make a partition for Mac OS X, right click on the Windows 7 partition, and shrink it. Then try and boot into the Mac OS X installer and select the partition you just created.

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