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Virtual machine with more ram vs external HDD

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Hi, I followed a guide to set up a niresh mavericks virtual machine in Virtual Box using lubuntu as the host OS. My system is an intel Core i3 and it has 4gb ram so it's not ideal for a hackintosh and when running the virtual machine I get frequent slowdowns, almost periodically varying between an ok system and one which is unusable (mouse judders around the screen at about one movement every 2 seconds, then it goes back to normal after a few minutes). I am considering upgrading the ram to 8gb to fix this, however, I was also considering pulling out the ssd from my old laptop and hooking it up to my usb 3 port on the i3 laptop and installing niresh mavericks on there as a proper hackintosh rather than a virtual machine. If I was only going to do ONE (more ram or external hard drive) then which would you recommend?

The reason why I don't want to just use my i3 laptop's HDD as the hackintosh drive is because it's not actually my laptop, so I don't want to have to wipe everything and reinstall windows etc. because I don't want to F it up :)


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