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Paull Boomsmaa

Resolution Problem

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Hello all,


I have recently decided to try out niresh after seeing a lot of videos of it working very well on the internet.

I have burned it on to my USB stick and booted in to it but I am having some problems.


When i get to the boot screen where it says press enter to boot or you can type in commands. After I hit enter and try and boot in to it my monitor turns off and it says resolution not supported.(1600X900 Resolution) I then tried switching monitors for a different one(1024x768) and then tried another (1280x720) but they all do the same. I have tried  different versions, USB sticks and external hard drives but none of it's working for me.


Here is my system spec:

Intel i7 x8

16GB Ram


GTX 770 2GB


Any help would be much appreciated.

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This is what happens when i try to boot my Pc with Mavericks 10.9.4
first of all i tried using the UseNvidiaRom then on a diferent forum they told me to boot with -F GraphicsEnabler=No UseNvidiaRom=No
and it worked untill i  try installing CUDA drivers for Nvida and restarted. Since then it has been impossible to boot.
MB = MSI H55-e33
Cpu = icore 5
Video = GeForce 8400 gs

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